The Chaffin Journal 2013 "The Butterfly Collector"

Cliterature: The Clitoris Volume XXIX Fall 2013 "Our Hidden Sin"

Dirty Chai: Dark&Dirty Issue One Volume One Fall 2013 "I Knew You"

 Falling Hard: 100 Love Poems by Teenagers edited by Betsy Franco, 2008 "Memories of You"

I-70 Review, Summer/Fall 2014. "Packed Away"

Peninsula Poets, Fall 2013. Third Place Winner in the Prose Poem Category; Poetry Society of Michigan.   "Late Night Body Dump in July"

Silly Tree Anthologies, No Regrets "Fumigating the Remains of a Year with Lilacs"

The Stony Thursday Book, Autumn No. 12 "Without Warning it Comes"

Third Wednesday, Fall 2013 "Our Garden of Gold in the Disquiet of Winter"

VLP Magazine 2014: Still Here "Dust and Lead" and "Blood and Rust"

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